the Hook&Co
Art Direction, Branding
about project

The Hook & Co is one-of-a-kind industry leader providing hand-held care, resources, workshops to musical talent and connecting them to music services. It is dynamic and nurturing, empowering and solid to propel a dream. The Hook & Co has also The Hook & Co Jr and The Hook & Co Entertainment components. 3 logos were developed for each of the departments along with additional graphics for promotional material.

Viktoryia Urukova came to us in way of a referral from a good friend of mine in the beginning stages of our business implementation. In meeting with her, I noticed immediately how well she listened and understood what I was looking for and how passionate this business concept meant to me. I had the team meet with her, she listened to all our points of view, got to meet and understand us independently and quickly put together a synopsis of our unified vision. She was able to not only take that unified vision and put into a graphics, she had more than enough options for us to choose from that represented us fully.  Viktoryia’s amazing strength is the ability to listen and translate words and feelings into pictures and graphics. Her patience is remarkable and her passion for art I would consider it her purpose.  I am very proud of my logo for a business I believe in and feel very fortunate I was able to have this initial experience with this amazingly talented professional. Thank you very much for your hard work and efforts!
Michelle - Alman, co-founder of The Hook & Co