BevPro Canada
Art Direction, Brand Identity & Web Development
launch website
about the project

The BevPro Canada INC is one-of-a-kind industry leader providing the best-customized consulting for alcohol Agents and Suppliers doing business with Liqour Control boards within Canada. The foundation of the company is integrity, authenticity, relashionships, achievement; the mission:finding ways to win together. The Brand and the supporting material aims to reflect the feel of professional, reliable, yet dynamic, and exciting company.

Viktoryia designed our logo, branding and website for our company BevPro Canada.  She transition our goals into a polished brand integrated across all of our customers touch points.  Approximately 60% of our customers have utilized our website as their first point of contact with us for new business. We consistently receive favourable feedback on our website design and branding platform. Viktoryia really is a visionary when it comes to brand development and is such a pleasure to work with!  We loved working with her so much, we have hired Organic Designs to work on a new start-up project we are involved in.